Classic Taho


Hot and fresh Taho made every morning! 

Soy Bueno Taho Kit includes:

  • 1L tub of Taho
  • 200mL tub of Arnibal / Wintermelon
  • 200g tub of Sago
  • 2L tub of Taho
  • 400mL tub of Arnibal / Wintermelon
  • 400mL tub of Sago

*1 Liter serves 5 people
*2 Liters serves 10 people


Usually ready in 24 hours

To retain its freshness for up to 3 days, make sure to properly store it in the fridge and remove the excess water from the tub. See the label for the best before date.

  • 1 Liter serves around 4 - 5 people
  • 2 Liters serves around 8 - 9 people

To reheat the taho, you can either use the microwave or have it steamed.

We only deliver to areas of Metro Manila only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
There was paper? Tissue? Idk what it was.

Order arrived on time. It leaked a little in the plastic, probably from the stream. We checked the container for cracks and found none. The arnibal and sago tasted great, exactly like the taho you'd buy outside. But the bean curd was weird. I could get a mouthful of paper a couple of times. I tried to remove it manually, but the paper was so soft it integrated with the tofu. Was this left in? Am I missing something? This wasn't listed on the website or FAQs. It looked like regular white paper. I got it with the 2 liter order, so maybe only the 2 liter orders get it?
The texture also wasn't as whole. No satisfying cuts like the taho man, but taste wise it was fine.

Lulu Santos

Classic Taho


Classic Taho

Grace B.
Very satisfied!

Me and my son enjoyed your taho so much. That’s why we keep ordering. I’ve been craving for that since we moved to the city and thankfully we stumbled your online store in FB. Thank you and God bless.

Elizabeth Bayangos
The best taho!

Your taho is the best!