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Try our Bestseller Bundle! Enjoy a full liter of taho that includes arnibal and sago, plus a taste of our fresh soy milk. It’s the perfect combo!

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Taho Kit

Dairy Free

Our product is dairy-free, ensuring that those with dietary restrictions or lactose intolerance can enjoy it without any concerns.

Made Fresh

Our product is crafted with care and made fresh every morning. We prioritize freshness to guarantee the highest quality.


Our product is created using non-GMO soybeans, carefully selected to maintain their natural integrity.

A tradition of excellence

For almost 30 years, a family-owned soy milk factory has been making fresh taho that caters to the "mamang taho" we all know and love around Manila.

Now, Soy Bueno has made it easier for those people who are craving for some hot and fresh taho to enjoy and experience delivered right to your doorstep!